CURLY SHYLL Hair Cure Mask 200ml


Check Point

01 Cashmere Hair Texture
"Its enriched protein cares for hair cuticle to make it smooth."

02 Heat-protection Formula
Its formula is activated by heat of dryer. This formula protects hair by making coating formula.

03 Safe Ingredients
It uses only safe ingredients for sensitive skin, so it can be used even for pregnant woman.

04 Leave-in Treatment
It is leave-in treatment without wash, and it is absorbed to hair very fast.

Recommend for
* Who wants to speed up drying time
* Whose hair damaged due to frequent perm
* Who has split hair ends
* Who regularly uses heat stylier
* Who regularly dyes and bleaches hair

How to Use
1. Apply a almond-size amount of product, and massage it over 10 times on palm.
2. After shampooing, spread thorough hair which is towel-dried
3. To activate heat-protection coating film, dry hair by warm dryer wind.
(Do not wash-off.)

* Tip
It is high-enriched texture, please check amount of product you try to use.
Short-length hair : 1 almond amount
mid-length hair : 2 almond amount
Long-length hair : 3 almond amount

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly

Q. What is leave-in treatment?
A. It is one of treatment that apply it on hair without rinse.

Q. Is it possible to apply on dry hair?
A. It may be tangled on using dry hair.
We recommend that applying treatment on wet hair after towel-dry."

Q. What is difference of "Hair Cure Mask" and "Perfection Hair Primer"?
A. Differences are below :
* Hair Cure Mask : Heat-necessary after applying it on hair
* Perfection Hair Primer : Applying it on hair(without heat)


Main Ingredients
* Ceramide : Preventing breakage / Improving elasticity
* Trehalose : Moisturizing / Conditioning
* Jojoba Seed Oil : Oil and water balancing / Improving hair density
* Baobab Tree Seed Oil : Moisturizing / Shining