CURLY SHYLL Root Remedy Tonic For Hair & Scalp Care 100ml


"CURLYSHYLL Head Spa controls oil and water balance and provide nutrition and moisture for managing healthy hair root and scalp, "

Check Point
01 Fresh Cooling
"It cools down scalp instantly to make scalp fresh."

02 Strengthen hair root 
"It cares for thin hair and weak scalp to be strengthened."

03 Relieves acne on scalp/ reduce itchiness/ calm sensitive scalp/antioxidant/ antibacterial 

Recommend for
* Who concerns weak hair due to stress
* Who concerns regularly troubled scalp
* Who concerns heat of scalp
* Who is looking for mild hair tonic

How to Use
1. Divide scalp section and spray tonic
2. Massage scalp by finger to absorb this tonic

1. For a better cooling effect in the summertime, after shampooing, apply for root remedy scalp tonic and dry hair by cool wind. 
2. When you need to cool down/reduce itching your scalp/ prevent hair loss, apply for this tonic and spray it anytime and anywhere(office, car, and desk).

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly

Q. Is it okay to apply on scalp directly?
A. We uses 'T' shape pump to easily apply on scalp. Comb hair to one way,
apply on scalp directly, or apply on palm and massage on scalp.

Q. Is it okay to apply on hair?
A. Yes. It is made up of root extract and 25 natural-oriented ingredients. It is also good for hair conditioning.

Q. My hair easily becomes oily and odor, does this tonic help my condition better?
A. Yes. Centella Asiatica Extract controls oil and water balance and makes scalp fresh and cool condition.

 Main Ingredients
* Menthol: Soothing/ Inflammation Relief
* Centella Asiatica Root Extract : Sebum Control/ Scalp Relief
* Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract : Scalp Immune System/ Elasticity
* Pueraria Lobata Root Extract : Antioxidant/ Anti-ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
* Niacinamide: Moisturizing/ Vitamin E & Omega 6
* Allantoin: Scalp Relief/Scalp Protection
* Panthenol: Hair Root Strengthening/ Scalp Moisturizing
Saururus Chinensis : Anti-inflammatory effect