About Us

CURLYSHYLL is a premium hair care brand for Top Celebrity Hairstylists.

CURLYSHYLL Professional reflects the expertise and know-how of prestige hairstylists and researchers who have insight into damaged hair and scalp care. It delivers differentiated quality and customized use of premium natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant stem cells which are irritation-free. Strengthening and enriching by all these finely made nutrition, scalp and hair becomes full of healthy, shiny and silky.

Professional perfumers blended the best essential oils from France and Spain, underwent thousands of tests to create the most decent scents for the products from nature.

The uniqueness of CURLYSHYLL makes the satisfaction of consumers look for excellent expectations and thanks for the awards and picks from Marie Claire, Beauty+, Allure, and Cosmopolitan.

Hope everyone of you enjoys the experience and shows your charming hair together.