How to choose the right products for your hair?


Nutrition Support Shampoo For Damaged Hair 330ml

ㆍHydrolized silk protein/collagen helps restore strength and smoothness to the hair
ㆍDelicate foam allows gentle penetration for cleansing effects
ㆍMildly acidic formula specially designed for damaged hair

After Salon Care Shampoo For Extremely Damaged Hair 500g

ㆍRich in proteins and hyaluronic acid, it helps create smooth and lustrous hair
ㆍRepairs severe damage and tangles caused by perming, bleaching, or dyeing
ㆍProlongs the effects of salon hair treatments

Root Remedy Normal & Dry Scalp Shampoo 330ml

ㆍStrengthens the hair roots
ㆍRelieves symptoms of hair loss
ㆍControls water & oil balance
ㆍImproves dryness-induced dandruff

Root Remedy Oily Scalp Shampoo 330ml

ㆍStrengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss
ㆍControls water & oil balance
ㆍImproves scalp odor caused by excess oil
ㆍPrevents itchiness and dandruff on the scalp

Revitalizing Shampoo For Scalp & Hair 500g

ㆍImproves dryness and odor issues
ㆍLocks in moisture, revitalizing the hair
ㆍStrengthens hair roots for long-lasting volume
ㆍSoothes scalp discomfort
ㆍAlleviates symptoms of hair loss

Moisture Calming Shampoo 330ml

ㆍProvides essential moisture to replenish the hair
ㆍMaintains moisture and nourishment
ㆍImproves dryness and tightness in the scalp

Cool Herb Shampoo For Hair Types 1600ml

ㆍContains Centella asiatica and apple mint
ㆍRemoves excess oil and dead skin cells
ㆍProvides a refreshing and cooling sensation, offering a soothing dual effect on the scalp

Deep Moisture Shampoo For Hair Types (Enriched Protein & Hydration Gentle Cleansing) 1600ml

ㆍEnriched with vitamin ingredients to nourish dry scalp and hair
ㆍRegulates the moisture balance of the scalp and hair
ㆍMoisturizes dry hair, providing hydration and nourishment

Leave-in Treatment

Hair Cure Mask 200ml

ㆍOvernight hair repair mask
ㆍProvides heat protection
ㆍPrevents hair heat damage
ㆍStrengthens resilience and moisture
ㆍQuick and easy hair care

Perfection Hair Primer 200ml

ㆍKeratin essence
ㆍProtects hair from heat damage
ㆍStrengthens resilience and moisture
ㆍPreserves hair color and shine after dyeing
ㆍProvides moisture and nourishment for silky smooth hair strands


Nutrition Support Treatment For Damaged Hair 250ml

ㆍContains high-nutrition proteins that form a protective film around the hair strands
ㆍMakes the hair soft, elastic, and resistant to breakage
ㆍIdeal nourishing product for hair after coloring or perming treatments

Nutrition Support Daily Treatment For Damaged Hair 250ml

ㆍDaily long-lasting care for hair before and after coloring or perming
ㆍEnriched with hydrolyzed silk protein, providing moisture and smoothness

After Salon Care Hair Pack Treatment 250ml

ㆍImproves the damaged cuticle layer of the hair caused by high temperatures
ㆍAddresses issues like tangling and roughness after perming, bleaching, or dyeing
ㆍEnriched with 20 types of natural essential oils, providing abundant nutritional benefits
ㆍMoisturizes severely damaged hair strands

Moisture Calming Treatment 250ml

ㆍMoisturizing care, intensifying hydration
ㆍImproves dry hair texture, making the hair moisturized and glossy

Scalp Treatment

Root Remedy Treatment For Hair & Scalp Care 250ml

ㆍNatural plant stem ingredients
ㆍControls water & oil balance
ㆍStrengthens hair roots and enhances hair volume
ㆍImproves weak and limp hair texture
ㆍSimultaneously cares for the scalp and hair strands

Revitalizing Treatment For Scalp & Hair 250ml

ㆍSoothes scalp dryness and discomfort
ㆍReduces scalp buildup of dead skin cells
ㆍCalms and refreshes the scalp, restoring skin elasticity
ㆍAdds volume and elasticity to weak and flat hair strands
ㆍPrevents hair loss and improves hair split ends


Silky Oil Serum 100ml

ㆍDetangles frizzy hair and restores shine and smoothness to the strands
ㆍImproves hair split ends and breakage
ㆍRefreshing, non-greasy formula with a perfume-like aroma of essential oils

Babassu Oil 100ml

ㆍContains rich and highly nutritious ingredients
ㆍImproves dry and dull hair
ㆍRestores shine and vitality to extremely damaged hair after coloring or perming
ㆍLightweight and non-greasy hair oil

Moisture Glow Hair Essence 70ml

ㆍProvides concentrated hydration and nourishing care
ㆍGives dry and dull hair a boost, strengthening and moisturizing the strands
ㆍImproves hair split ends and breakage

Scalp Care

Root Remedy Tonic For Hair & Scalp Care 100ml

ㆍStrengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss
ㆍImproves weak and limp hair
ㆍControls water & oil balance
ㆍImproves scalp odor and acne-prone skin
ㆍProvides a cooling effect to alleviate scalp heat sensation and soothe the scalp

Revitalizing Ampoule 50ml

ㆍScalp anti-aging formula, restoring hair to a healthy state
ㆍNourishes fragile hair roots and helps prevent hair loss
ㆍAdds thickness and dimensional texture to delicate and weak hair strands
ㆍRefreshing cooling effect with a grapefruit scent, immediately reducing scalp heat sensation

Deep Scalp Purification and Exfoliating Care

Refreshing Scaler 120g

ㆍSuitable for sensitive scalp with redness and swelling
ㆍ94% natural ingredients, gentle and non-irritating
ㆍSoothes and regulates water-oil balance
ㆍPurifies and deeply cleanses the scalp
ㆍSoothes dry, itchy, sensitive scalp and odor

Purifying Scaler for Normal & Oily Scalp 120g

ㆍSuitable for both normal and oily scalp
ㆍContains AHA and eucalyptus essential oil
ㆍDeeply cleanses and purifies the scalp
ㆍRemoves dead skin cells and dandruff
ㆍImproves itchiness and odor