CURLY SHYLL Root Remedy Oily Scalp Shampoo 330ml and Treatment 40ml


Check Point

01 Managing oily and itchy scalp and reducing dandruff
"It improves itchy scalp condition by excessive oil and trouble on scalp."

02 Strong cleansing and soft hair texture
"It is soft scalp care shampoo, so it doesn't make hair texture rough after washing."

03 Containing 97% of Ingredients from nature
"For sensitive scalp, this acid balanced shampoo doesn't include 20 harmful ingredients "
04 Fresh scent from woody forest
"Its 'Fresh Forest' Scent is made by professional perfumers."

Recommend for
* Who concerns oily scalp
* Who concerns excessive sebum and scalp trouble
* Who is looking for family-using shampoo
* Whose oily scalp and forehead becomes oily every afternoon
* Who wants to erase waste of scalp

Why do we need Acid Balanced Shampoo?

Alkaline shampoo can wash scalp and hair clearly, but it is irritative.
"Root Remedy Scalp Shampoo is acid balanced gentle and mild shampoo,
which pH is 6.9,"

How to Use
1. Brush scalp to erase dust and debris before shampoo
2. Wet scalp and hair, and pump on palm to make bubble, and apply on scalp.
3. Massage scalp to totally cleanse sebum and waste.
4. Rinse thoroughly by lukewarm water.

Warm water can activate sebaceous gland, so please shampoo using lukewarm water"

Q. When pumping shampoo, it is hard to push.
A. This is because It is highly enriched formula, pump-up speed is relatively slower than other shampoo. It is not broken.

Q. I totally don't know if my scalp type is oily or normal / dry scalp.
A. Scalp condition is easily changed due to environment. You can check your scalp condition below
"When you shampoo in the morning or the day before evening, push your scalp by thumb on 3 ~ 4 PM.
If oil is smeared on the thumb, you'd better use oily scalp shampoo on night.

We recommend that using Oliy scalp shampoo and Nomal&Dry Scalp shampoo day by day :
Daily care : Nomal & Dry Scalp Shampoo /
For Oil cleansing : Oily Scalp Shampoo"

Main Ingredients
*Menthol: Soothing/ Inflammation relief
*Climbazole: Dandruff-free/ Improve cleansing
*Centella Asiatica Root Extract : Sebum Control/ Scalp Relief
*Saururus Chinensis : Anti-inflammatory effect
* Oenothera Biennis(Evening Primrose) Root Extract : Anti-inflammatory effect/ Scalp Relief
*Argania Soinosa Kernel Oil: Moisturizing Vitmain E/ Omega Elasticity
* Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil: Conditioning/ Moisture Film Layer