CURLY SHYLL Perfection Hair Primer 200ml


Perfection Hair Primer
Check Point 10

1. Nutrition for damaged hair
2. Hydrating
3. Hair detangler
4. Curl Elasticity
5. Anti-Frizz
6. Keeping Color
7. Heat Protection
8. Holding hair styling
9. Softening hair texture
10. Preventing split hair ends

Recommend for
* Who gets perm or dye and wants after care
* Who concerns of dry and rough hair
* Who concerns tangle and messy hair
* Who is looking for all-in-one hair care"

When do we use Perfection Hair Primer?
* Before using hair essence : absorbing nutrition faster
* Before using heat styler : Protecting hair from heat
* After perm : Keeping elasticity of permed hair
* After dye : Lasting color and shinig hair
* Before outdoor activity : Preventing from damage by ultraviolet ray

How to use
[Before using hair dryer : For normal and damaged hair]
1. After shampoo, squeeze water on hair with towel, and spray primer 3~4 times to hair.
2. It can reduce damage by heat of styler and dryer.

[Daily moisture care : For damaged hair]
1. Pump 1~2 times on palm and apply on hair.

[Boosting Hair Essence : For normal and damaged hair]
1. Before using hair essence, apply on hair ends which is easily split.

If you want to use it like mist, strongly pump the primer.
If you want to use it like cream, gently pump the primer.

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly
Q. What is leave-in treatment?
A. It is one of treatment that apply it on hair without rinse.

Q. What is difference of "Hair Cure Mask" and "Perfection Hair Primer"?
A. Differences are below :
* Hair Cure Mask : Heat-necessary after applying it on hair
* Perfection Hair Primer : Applying it on hair(without heat)


Main Ingredients
* Hydrolyzed Keratin : Hair Strength Improvement / Encapsulation
* Macadamia Seed Oil : Natural Coating / Hydrating
* Hydrolyzed Collagen : Hydrating / Shining
* Argan Kernel Oil : Vitamin E (Moisturizing) / Elasticity (Omega 6)
* Hydrolyzed Protein : Nourishing / Hair Strength Improvement
* Panthenol : Preventing Static electricity / Conditioning