CURLY SHYLL Deep Moisture Shampoo For Hair Types (Enriched Protein & Hydration Gentle Cleansing) 1600ml


- pH 5.5 mildly acidic
- Vitamin C, E, B5
- Supplies the necessary nutrients for the hair
- Can be used before or during hair styling to protect the hair
- Ultra-fine foam for gentle and thorough cleansing of the hair strands

✓ Dry scalp prone to dandruff
✓ Frequently subjected to hair styling or coloring, leading to dry and brittle hair

How to use:
1. Brush scalp to erase dust and impurities before shampooing
2. Apply on wet hair and scalp and work into a lather with massage
3. Rinse well

Ingredients include:
[Panthenol]: Strengthens the hair roots / Moisturizes the scalp
[Artichoke Leaf]: Antioxidant, helps establish a natural barrier on the scalp
[Vitamin B5]: Supplies the necessary nutrients for the scalp and hair
[Vitamin C]: Enhances hair elasticity
[Vitamin E]: Protects the skin and increases defense