CURLY SHYLL Revitalizing Treatment For Scalp & Hair 250ml


Check Point

01 Certification of hair loss prevention ~ Korean Ministry of food and drug safety
02 Contains patented ingredient: SCALP.CLERA™
03 No added silicone treatment
04 Fresh scent of Pomelo
05 Nurtures fragile scalp
06 Preventing split hair ends and hair breaks easily

It has a cooling effect that can reduce scalp heat, alleviate scalp odor, dryness, and dandruff caused by scalp dryness, as well as relieve hair loss symptoms, making hair more elastic, light, weightless and soft.

 ~Korean Skin Science Research Institute (Scalp Keratin Evaluation of 21 Testers)
Decrease in scalp keratin ⇣ 48.41%
Increase in hair volume ⇡ 38.43%

 How to Use
1. After shampoo, apply evenly on scalp and hair
2.Massage scalp by finger and leave on 3-5 minutes
3.Rinse thoroughly by lukewarm water.

Usage Tips

Gently massage the scalp before rinsing the product to help it be completely absorbed by the scalp.

 Main Ingredients
*Niacinamide: Moisturizing/ Vitamin E & Omega 6
*Dexpanthenol: Scalp and Hair moisturizing
*Salicylic Acid: Scalp keratin management