CURLY SHYLL Revitalizing Ampoule 50ml


- Hair Anti-Aging
- Restores hair vitality
- Improves hair root's volume and bounce
- Non-greasy texture, absorbs quickly
- Fresh grapefruit scent, reduces daily fatigue, tension, and stress.

✓ Relieves symptoms of hair loss
✓ Improves root strength
✓ Provides nourishment to fragile scalp
✓ Refreshes and soothes sensitive scalp

Recommend for
Damaged and sensitive scalp due to scalp heat, with a cooling effect during hair care to instantly reduce the heat sensation and refreshingly heal the scalp.

How to Use
1. Rotate the bottle cap counterclockwise to allow the essence to enter the dropper.
2. Starting from the top of the head, apply the essence to the areas of the scalp that require care.
3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips.
4. After use, rotate the cap until the container is locked.

After using shampoo, towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture. It is recommended to use the product on semi-damp hair for better results.

Main Ingredients
Persimmon extract
Camellia tree leaf extract
Lunaria annua extact