CURLY SHYLL Prestige Hair Ampoule Set

HK$844.00 $960.00

CURLYSHYLL Prestige Hair Ampoule Set

- Collagen Booster 150ml
- Keratin Booster 150ml
- Nutrition Support Treatment for Damaged Hair 250ml
- Clinic empty bottle 100ml
- Hair Cap x 1

Beauty in Hair, CURLYSHYLL

"CURLYSHYLL is the premium salon care brand.
It is chosen by hair professionals who cares well-known celebrities."

* Prestige Clinic
"Prestige Clinic is salon care line for hair which is damaged by perm, dye or further damage. It replenishes proteins into hair and makes hair healthy and strong."

*Homecare Ampoule Pack Package
"Recommendation from hair artist of Premium hair salon"
"It is for hair clinic ampoule.
It contains hydrolyzed collagen (84,000ppm) which improves hair soft and shiny."
"Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice contains various nutritions (CMC, 18-MEA) and help to deliver it effectively."

* Free Gift
- Clinic Applicator 100ml : "It is a bottle for mixing hair ampoule and Nutritoin Support Treatment"
- Haircap 1P : This haircap covers hair to help absorbing ingredients into hair.

* Recommend for
- Whose hair is damaged due to perm and dye.
- Who wants dramatic effect just once use
- Whose hair is rough and dry
- Who wants to improve hair shiny and elastic
- Whose hair is dulled due to radiation
- Who wants to last effect of salon care long

* Why should we use Hair Ampoule Pack?
  "Hair Ampoule Pack
- Features : Filling highly-enriched proteins into damaged part Instantly
- Shining : Shiny hair filled with moisture and nutrition
- After Care : Inner care item for damaged hair after perm and dye"

* How to use
1. Mix products into Clinic Applicator based on hair length. Shake over 10 times.
" [Short hair]
Collagen Booster 10ml
Keratin Booster 10ml
Nutrition Support Treatment 20ml"

" [Middle Hair]
Collagen Booster 15ml
Keratin Booster 15ml
Nutrition Support Treatment 30ml"

" [Long Hair]
Collagen Booster 20ml
Keratin Booster 20ml
Nutrition Support Treatment 40ml"

2. After Shampooing, apply hair ampoule pack on hair,
and cover with har cap for 10~15minutes

3. Rinse thoroghly by lukewarm water.

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly
Q, Is it an item for daily care?
"A. Once a week for normal hair, and 2-3 times a week for damaged hair.
It contains highly enriched collagen and keratin, so it might make hair oily
due to extreme nutrition."

Q. After mix ampoule pack, how long its expiration date is?
"A. It can be contained for a week at room temperature.
It might be divided if keeping long time."

Q. I'd like to buy Collagen / Keratin booster each, not package.
A. Those items are for hair professionals, so it is not sold for each.

Q. I used out Nutrition Support Treatment. Is it possible to mix other treatment with ampoule?
"A. Nutrition Support Treatment is developed to deliver collagen and keratin very well.
So, we recommend that only mixing with Nutrition Support Treatment."

* Main Ingredients
- Keratin Booster : Hydrolyzed Keratin (Improving density / Encapsulation)
- Collagen Booster : Hydrolyzed Collagen (Texture care / Film-covering)
- Nutrition Support Treatment : Macadamia Seed Oil (Nourishing / Conditioning)