CURLY SHYLL Moisture Calming Treatment 250ml


Check Point
01 Moisturized Hair Texture
"Flower callus extract and propolis help dry and rough hair to be hydrated and nourished"

02 Soothing Scalp
"5 mixed-herb infusion ampoule soothes sensitive scalp to reduce itchy."

03 Enhancing Shining and elasticity of hair
"For whose hair damaged, dry and stiff, it can fill in enriched collagen&keratin to enhance glazing and elasticity

04 10 Harmful ingredients free
"Free of sulfactants, silicon, paraben, triethanolamine, mineral oil, etc.,"

05 Relaxing aroma-therapy
"Herb scent which is blended lavender and white tea reduces stress and calms mind and body."

Recommend for
* Whose hair is rough
* Who concerns dry hair condition
* Who is looking for treatment for daily use
* Who wants to care for hair and scalp simultaneously

How to Use
1. After shampooing, squeeze water and apply from whole hair, especially ends.
2. Leave on for 3~5 minute wearing hair cap or steam towel."
(Without hair cap or steam towel, leave on for 10 minutes)
3. Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water.

* Tip :
Massage on hair with finger using treatment.

This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly"
Q. Is it possible to use Moisture Calming Treatment daily?
A. Hair is easily damaged by radiation and dry environment.
It is good for this hair condition to care by Moisture Calming Treatment daily.

Q. What is difference from Nutrition Support Daily Treatment?
"Moisture Calming Treatment cares for scalp and hair by nourishing and soothing.
Nutrition Support Daily Treatment is a hair clinic shampoo to care for damaged hair.

Main Ingredients
1. Flower Callus Extract
* Damask Rose : Moisturizing / Shining
* Edelweiss : Nourishing / Conditioning
* Lotus : Hydrating / Soothing

2. Propolis : Nourishing / Anti-flammatory

3. 5 Herb Infusion Ampoule
* Camomile : Hydrating / Revitalizing
* Lavender : Moisturizing / Shining
* Rosemary : Moisturizing / Shining
* Lemon Grass : Strengthening / Elasticity