CURLY SHYLL Citrus Tea Tree ~ Refreshing Scalp and Anti-Hair Loss Set


1. CURLY SHYLL Revitalizing Shampoo For Scalp & Hair 500g

Check Point :
*Certification of hair loss prevention (Korean ministry of food and drug safety)
- Strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth

*Calm sensitive scalps, keep moisturizing hair
- Include citric acid and aloe vera
- Help to calm sensitive scalps and moisturize

*Supply nutrients to fine & thin hair and make hair thicker

*Reduces dandruff, oil control, prevents itchiness, help to get rid of bad smell in hair
- Include citric acid and tea tree leaf water
- Deeply cleansing, oil control and keeping scalp smell good

*Fresh & Natural scent
- Grape fruit mandarin scent relieve stress and leaving sweet mood 
Recommend for
*People with loss nutrition, fine and thin hair
*People with fragile hair and sensitive scalp
*People who still feel stuffy and itchy scalp even washing their hair every day
* People who are often troubled by odors on the top of head

How to Use
1.Brush scalp to erase dust and debris before shampoo
2.Wet scalp/hair and pump on palm to make bubble to apply on scalp
3.Massage scalp to cleanse sebum and waste
4.Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
Main Ingredients
*Citric acid: Gentle & Deeply Cleaning scalp keratin
*Aloe vera: Keep moisturizing
*Tea tree leaf water: Oil Control & Soothing scalp

2. CURLY SHYLL Revitalizing Treatment For Scalp & Hair 250ml

Check Point
01 Certification of hair loss prevention ~ Korean Ministry of food and drug safety
02 Contains patented ingredient: SCALP.CLERA™
03 No added silicone treatment
04 Fresh scent of Pomelo
05 Nurtures fragile scalp
06 Preventing split hair ends and hair breaks easily

It has a cooling effect that can reduce scalp heat, alleviate scalp odor, dryness, and dandruff caused by scalp dryness, as well as relieve hair loss symptoms, making hair more elastic, light, weightless and soft.

 ~Korean Skin Science Research Institute (Scalp Keratin Evaluation of 21 Testers)
Decrease in scalp keratin ⇣ 48.41%
Increase in hair volume ⇡ 38.43%

How to Use
1. After shampoo, apply evenly on scalp and hair
2.Massage scalp by finger and leave on 3-5 minutes
3.Rinse thoroughly by lukewarm water.

Usage Tips
Gently massage the scalp before rinsing the product to help it be completely absorbed by the scalp.

Main Ingredients
*Niacinamide: Moisturizing/ Vitamin E & Omega 6
*Dexpanthenol: Scalp and Hair moisturizing
*Salicylic Acid: Scalp keratin management

3. CURLY SHYLL Revitalizing Ampoule 50ml

- Hair Anti-Aging
- Restores hair vitality
- Improves hair root's volume and bounce
- Non-greasy texture, absorbs quickly
- Fresh grapefruit scent, reduces daily fatigue, tension, and stress.

✓ Relieves symptoms of hair loss
✓ Improves root strength
✓ Provides nourishment to fragile scalp
✓ Refreshes and soothes sensitive scalp

Recommend for
Damaged and sensitive scalp due to scalp heat, with a cooling effect during hair care to instantly reduce the heat sensation and refreshingly heal the scalp.

How to Use
1. Rotate the bottle cap counterclockwise to allow the essence to enter the dropper.
2. Starting from the top of the head, apply the essence to the areas of the scalp that require care.
3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips.
4. After use, rotate the cap until the container is locked.

After using shampoo, towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture. It is recommended to use the product on semi-damp hair for better results.

Main Ingredients
Persimmon extract
Camellia tree leaf extract
Lunaria annua extact