CURLY SHYLL After Salon Care ~ Intensive Damaged Hair Nourishment Care Set


1. CURLY SHYLL After Salon Care Shampoo For Extremely Damaged Hair 500g

Shampoo for extremely damaged hair with 4 kinds of Real Farm protein and hyaluronic acid ingredients to deliver to the deepest  part of the hair for soft and elastic care.

Shampoo for Home Care  After Salon Clinic.

Contains seaweed extract and Bogum cactus stem extract to fill moisture and shine.

4 kinds of real farm protein* deeply supplied to the hair to care for damaged hair

* HydrolyzedPotatoProtein
Silicone oil, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, etc.
Free of irritating chemicals

2. CURLY SHYLL After Salon Care Hair Pack Treatment 250ml

Check Point
01 A highly nutritious treatment that can even be used as a hair pack in a creamy texture
02 Improvement of hair cuticle damaged by perm, dyeing, heat
03 Contains Hydrolyzed Protein for easy and quick absorption
04 Improves rough and tangled hair with 20 types of oils obtained from nature
05 Contains seaweed and bogeum cactus stem extract ingredients that replenish moisture and shine
06 An alluring sensual floral scent that lasts all day

Recommend for
Who wants hair softness and shine with just one use
 Who wants a treatment with high fragrance retention
*  Who is lazy to have hair treatment every day, 3 times a week

How to Use
1. After shampooing, squeeze water and apply from whole hair, especially ends.
2. Leave on for 10 minutes for help nutritions absorbed
3. Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water.

* Tip : Use three times a week

Main Ingredients
Seaweed extract
Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract
Vegetable protein ingredient

3. CURLYSHYLL Silky Oil Serum 100ml

Check Point
01 Shiny hair like silk
This oil serum is light texture, not sticky. It can make hair dazzled and its texture smooth.

02 Changing rough and tangled hair to better condition
It help to tidy rough hair and improve hair split ends.

03 Harmful ingredients Free
It doesn't contain paraben, alcohol, color, triethanolamine,

04 Subtle scent made by professional perfumers
"This oil's scent is made up of essential oils from France and Spain.
It offers users feel pure nature scent."

Recommend for
" Whose hair damaged due to frequent perm and dye
" Who has rough and dulled hair
" Who regularly uses heat stylier
" Who likes delicate perfume
* Who looks for a hair essence whose texture is light

How to use
1. Pump 1~3 times based on hair length and type on palm.
2. Apply to wet hair or dry hair.

* Tip
1. To prevent hair split end, apply it on end of hair."
2. After using on hair, touch perfume zone using additional oil serum on palm, then you can feel floral peach scent all day long.

Main Ingredients 
* Camellia Seed Oil : Moisturizing & Nourishing / Shining
* Argan Kernel Oil : Vitamin E (Moisturizing)/ Omega 6 (Elasticity)
* Babassu Seed Oil : Hydrating / Nourishing
* Jojoba Seed Oil : Collagen Synthesis / Oil and Water Balance
* Gardenia Taitensis Flower Extract : Conditioning / Nourishing
* Macadamia Seed Oil : Providing natural moisture coating