CURLY SHYLL Round Hair Brush No.3/No.5/No.7

By Brush


- A professional styling line that creates the desired hairstyle quickly and easily.
- Use natural pig hair to style your hair, giving it elasticity and moisture.

According to hair length and style, recommend brush levels:
Short hair, medium-length hair, long hair with C or S curls or want to create a dandy style with volume from the roots - Level 3. 
ㆍMedium-length hair, long hair with C or S curls of voluminous perm - Level 5.
Long hair with big waves  of voluminous perm, natural curls straightened, fluffy bangs - Level 7.

How to use
Place the hair in a roll and dry it to the ends.
Instead of unwrapping the roll right away, wait 5 seconds and let it cool down.
Remove the brush as if combing your hair once.
Prepare your hair with hair essence and styling products.