CURLY SHYLL Moisture Glow Hair Essence 70ml


"Flower & Herb" is hair & scalp care line.
Flower Callus and Propolis nourishes hair by providing nutrition and moisture,
and 5-mixed herb infusion ingredient soothe sensitive scalp."

Specialty of Flower & Herb

01 Moisturized Hair Texture
"Flower callus extract and propolis help dry and rough hair to be hydrated and nourished."

02 Naturally dazzled hair
"5 mixed-herb infusion ampoule straightens dry hair and makes it shiny."

03 Harmful ingredients free
"Free of sulfactants, paraben, triethanolamine, mineral oil, etc.,"

04 Relaxing aroma-therapy
"Herb scent which is blended lavender and white tea reduces stress and calms mind and body."

Recommend for

* "Who has rough and dry hair
* Who regularly uses heat stylier
* Who likes fresh and floral perfume
* Who looks for a hair essence whose texture is light"

Why should we use Moisture Glow Essence?
* Texture : no-sticky and lightweight texture easily absorbed
* Ingredients : 98% natural-oriented ingredients

How to use
1. Pump 1~3 times based on hair length and type on palm.
2. Apply to wet hair or dry hair.
* Tip : To prevent hair split end, apply it on end of hair.

Q. Is it okay to use for day and night care?
A. It is possible to use anytime you want.

Q. What is difference between applying it on dry hair and wet hair?
A : When you apply on dry hair, it is good for preventing from losing nutrition and moisture due to dryer heat.
When you apply on we hair, it is good for making hair shiny and moist.

Q. What is difference between Moisture Glow Hair Essence and Silky Oil Serum?
A. Differences are below.
* Silky Oil Serum : Special for damaged hair (care for hair split ends)
* Moisture Glow Essence : Special for normal hair (care for shining and moisturizing)

Main Ingredients

1. Flower Callus Extract
* Damask Rose : Moisturizing / Shining
* Edelweiss : Nourishing / Conditioning
* Lotus : Hydrating / Soothing

2. Propolis : Nourishing / Anti-flammatory

3. 5 Herb Infusion Ampoule
* Camomile : Hydrating / Revitalizing
* Lavender : Moisturizing / Shining
* Rosemary : Moisturizing / Shining
* Lemon Grass : Strengthening / Elasticity
* Tea Tree : Sebum Control / Soothing