CURLY SHYLL Nutrition Support Daily Treatment For Damaged Hair 250ml


Check Point

01 Treatment for Hydration
"It provides water which is easily swept from hair."

02 Long-lasting Salon care effect
It helps to maintain silky and soft hair texture longer after salon clinic care.

03 3 blended oil from nature
3-blended oil from nature helps to manage hair healthy and strengthened.

04 Dazzling hair texture
It helps hair to express angelling on hair without rough and dry.

Recommend for
* Who need homecare after getting salon clinic
* Whose hair damaged after perm
* Damaged hair after dyeing and bleaching
* Whose hair knot and dry
* Who looks for treatment for daily care"

How to Use
1. After shampooing, squeeze water and apply from whole hair, especially ends.
2. Leave on for 3~5 minute wearing hair cap or steam towel.
(Without hair cap or steam towel, leave on for 10 minute for help nutrition absorbed)
3. Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water.

* Tip
Massage on hair with finger using treatment.

When do we use Nutrition Support Daily Treatment?
* Next day after getting hair clinic on hair salon
* Pre-caution of hair breakage after perm / dye / bleach

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly

Q. What is difference of Nutrition Support Treatment and Nutrition Support Daily Treatment?
A. Differences are below :
* Nutrition Support Treatment
- Features : High-enriched treatment used for professional salon hair clinic
- Usage Cycle : Twice a Week

* Nutrition Support Daily Treatment
- Features : Treatment for keeping nutrition after getting salon hair clinic
- Usage Cycle : Everyday

Q. Is it okay to use Daily Treatment with Nutrition Support Treatment?
A. It'd better use daily treatment to fill water everyday, and use Support Treatment once or twice a week
for nutrition. It can help keep hair soft and silky.

Main Ingredients 
* Silk Protein : Protecting / elasticity
* Camelia Seed Oil : Hydrating / Shining
* Avocado Oil : Nourishing / Conditioning
* Olive Oil : Hydrating / Boosting Shine