CURLY SHYLL Scalp Relaxing Brush


Developed with experts who have researched professional hairbrushes for over 30 years.

Manufactured with special hardness suitable for Asian heads.

It helps to reduce hair loss and scalp heat, the main cause, by delivering a cooling sensation directly to the scalp with a nickel comb. (There may be individual differences)

It uses highly elastic rubber to provide excellent cushioning and naturally massages the scalp to help blood circulation.

Made in Korea from premium European white beach wood with strong durability.


How to use the brush for effective care.

TIP1. Before shampoo

It primarily removes wastes accumulated on the scalp and hair, and gently loosens tangled hair, helping to shampoo comfortably.

TIP2.Before hair dryer

It helps the blood circulation of the scalp and makes the hair elastic and soft.


Brush frequently to prevent static electricity and damage