CURLYSHYLL Zero Gravity Wax Ultra Hard Finish 100ml

By Styling

Check Point

01 Strongly holding styling, lasting over 12 hours
"It helps to make flexible hair styling and lasts it long."


02 Easily feasible tube-shape wax
"This tube-shape wax helps hygienic use and way of styling easy."


03 Protecting scalp and hair
"Mild natural-oriented ingredients help to protect scalp and hair from damage while styling."


04 Easily cleansed wax
"It can be washed thoroughly even shampooing once."

Hold   ●●●●●
Shine  ●●○○○

 Recommend for
* Who needs strong hold
* Who needs matt-finish
* Who is looking for wax mild texture, not clumping
* Who is looking for wax less-stimulus to hair and scalp
* Who is looking for residual-free wax after wash-off


Which CURLYSHYLL Wax do I pick?
* Style Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●○
- Shine ●●○○○

* Zero Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●●
- Shine ●●○○○

How to use
1. Apply a small amount on palm and rub together.
2. Work evenly through 90% dried hair for styling.


* Tip

With CURLYSHYLL Shine & Fix Spray, you can hold your hair style much stronger.


Q&A: This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly

Q: Can it fix hair easily sticked up?
A: It holds hair very strongly, so it can be used no matter what hair style.

Q: Isn't it hard to wash off strongly-hold wax?
A: It holds hair strong, but easy to be cleansed.


Main Ingredients
*Rhizophora Mangle Callus Culture Extract: Anti-Oxidant/ Elasticity, moisturizing
*Candelilla Wax: Coating hair / Shining
*Rosemary Leaf: Strengthen Hair Root / Anti-Oxidant