CURLY SHYLL Zero Gravity Wax Ultra Hard Finish 100ml

By Styling

  • Check Point

01 Strongly holding styling, lasting over 12 hours
"It helps to make flexible hair styling and lasts it long."


02 Easily feasible tube-shape wax
"This tube-shape wax helps hygienic use and way of styling easy."


03 Protecting scalp and hair
"Mild natural-oriented ingredients help to protect scalp and hair from damage while styling."


04 Easily cleansed wax
"It can be washed thoroughly even shampooing once."

Hold   ●●●●●
Shine  ●●○○○

 Recommend for
* Who needs strong hold
* Who needs matt-finish
* Who is looking for wax mild texture, not clumping
* Who is looking for wax less-stimulus to hair and scalp
* Who is looking for residual-free wax after wash-off


Which CURLYSHYLL Wax do I pick?
* Style Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●○
- Shine ●●○○○

* Zero Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●●
- Shine ●●○○○

How to use
1. Apply a small amount on palm and rub together.
2. Work evenly through 90% dried hair for styling.


* Tip

With CURLYSHYLL Shine & Fix Spray, you can hold your hair style much stronger.


Q&A: This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly

Q: Can it fix hair easily sticked up?
A: It holds hair very strongly, so it can be used no matter what hair style.

Q: Isn't it hard to wash off strongly-hold wax?
A: It holds hair strong, but easy to be cleansed.


Main Ingredients
*Rhizophora Mangle Callus Culture Extract: Anti-Oxidant/ Elasticity, moisturizing
*Candelilla Wax: Coating hair / Shining
*Rosemary Leaf: Strengthen Hair Root / Anti-Oxidant