CURLY SHYLL Style Gravity Wax Natural Hard Finish 100ml


CURLYSHYLL Styling line helps designer making hair style easy and fast just one touch.

Perfection Hold is exclusive CURLYSHYLL technique for styling.
It makes flexible styling without hair damage and scalp stimulus.

Hold   ●●●●○
Shine  ●●●○○

Check Point
01 Strongly holding styling, long lasting
"It helps to make flexible hair styling and lasts it long."
02 Easily feasible tube-shape wax
"This tube shape wax helps hygienic use and way of styling easy."
03 Protecting scalp and hair
Mild natural-oriented ingredients help to protect scalp and hair from damage while styling
04 Easily cleansed wax
It can be washed thoroughly even shampooing once.

Recommend for
* Who concerns easily stick up or floppy hair
* Who is looking for weightless textured-wax without clumping
* Who is concerns hair damage by styling
* Who is looking for wax without white cast
* Who is looking for not sticky wax

Which CURLYSHYLL Wax do I pick?
* Style Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●○
- Shine ●●○○○

* Zero Gravity Wax
- Hold ●●●●●
- Shine ●●○○○

How to use
1. Apply a small amount on palm and rub together.
2. Work evenly through 90% dried hair for styling.

* Tip
With CURLYSHYLL Shine & Fix Spray, you can hold your hair style much stronger

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly
Q. How long can I keep my hair style after using this wax?
A. It keeps your style one day long without floppying.
With hair spray, it can last your style much longer.

Q. Can it fix side hair?
A. It helps organize side hair easily stick up.

Q. Is it okay that I mix Style Gravity Wax with curl cream or hair essence?
A. Its mild and weightless texture can be mixed with other styling products.
You just freely mix it with others to make your own hair style.

Main Ingredients
*Candelilla Wax : Coating hair / Shining
*Argan Cornel Oil : Moisturizing / Caring damaged hair