CURLYSHYLL Shine & Fix Spray 240ml

By Styling

CURLYSHYLL Styling line helps designer making hair style easy and fast just one touch.

Perfection Hold is exclusive CURLYSHYLL technique for styling.
It makes flexible styling without hair damage and scalp stimulus.

Hold   ●●●●●
Shine  ●●●●○

Check Point
01 Strong holding and lasting
* Strong fixer by spray 1 time.

02 Protecting scalp and hair while styling
* This spray is mixed with nutural oriented ingredients to protect scalp and hair.

03 Mis-sprayed pump
* No clumping liquid spray with minimal size of particle.

04 Easily cleansed wax
* It can be washed thoroghly even shampooing once.

Recommend for
* Who wants no-moving hair style
* Who concerns hair damage by using styling products.
* Who is looking for no-flaking spray
* Who is looking for no-clumping spray
* Who is looking for no-white cast spray

Why should we use Shine & Fix Spray?
* Hold : Strong fixer by spray 1 time
* Convenience : Mist spray

How to use
1. Spray it at a short distance
2. Touch detail hair style.

* Tip.
1. To enhance shining effect, spray it several times.
2. After spraying, dry hair by warm wind to make hold strong.

Q&A : This is the question list which customers asked repeatedly"
Q. Is it cloaking passage of time?
A. Shine & Fix Spray is for hair professionals, so it uses premium mist pump to prevent from cloaking.

Q. Can it hold hair style if using only this item?
A. After spraying, dry hair by warm wind to make hold strong.
It is recommended for holding curly and wavy style.

Main Ingredients

* Argan Cornel Oil : Moisturizing / Caring
* Peppermint Leaf Extract : Revitalizing / Soothing
* Panthenol : Strengthening / Moisturizing
* Hydrolyed Silk : Conditioning / Shining
* Freesia Extract : Protecting / Moisturizing
* Rosemary Leaf Extract : Hydrating / Perfuming